Jobs recruitment

1. Talent concept

Respect for talents, management talents, and talents are the first capital of enterprises

The supa is always practiced, and the talent is the first capital of the company to create a humanized organizational environment and atmosphere.

The supa always insists on respecting talents and managing talents.

Make each member professional, precise, dedicated and happy; form a solid interest with each member, the business community and each member to create a career, grow together, and win the future.

2. Career development

The company pays attention to the growth and development of employees and the career planning of employees, and is committed to providing employees with a good career development channel, and has designed a dual promotion career development channel for the development of employees.

In addition, according to the staff's ability, work performance and business needs, the company arranges employees to move within the company after seeking the individual wishes of the employees, so as to better help employees to develop their potential and enhance the necessary skills for career development.

3. Salary incentives

In order to attract, motivate and retain outstanding talents and achieve a win-win situation for both the company and the employees, the company provides employees with a competitive system with external competitiveness and internal fairness.

4. Welfare

Basic benefits: The company provides employees with statutory benefits such as five insurances (endowment, medical treatment, work injury, unemployment, maternity) and one fund (housing provident fund), while also providing employees with a wealth of corporate benefits such as commercial insurance.

Caring for employees: In order to make employees feel that the company is like a big family with a harmonious atmosphere, the company takes care of employees' work and life in various ways.

Health activities: In order to ensure the healthy work and happy life of the supa employees, the company provides intimate annual health examinations for employees; at the same time, it provides fixed places for employees to carry out a variety of physical exercises and recreational activities.

Training and communication: In order to provide employees with useful guidance and rapid growth in their work, while creating a good atmosphere and collaboration, the company combined the qualifications to create a comprehensive training program and team communication activities for employees.

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