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  • Position:QA engineer
    Hiring: 1 people
    Published:2019 /05 /13
    Job description:
    Address: 深圳市龙华区民治街道梅龙路与民旺路交界处七星商业广场A座6层12号
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    Job Responsibilities:

    1. Handling and resolving customer quality issues, developing 8D reports, proposing corrective actions, and tracking the effectiveness of personnel in relevant departments.

    2. Develop corresponding quality inspection standard documents.

    3. Participate in solving the quality problems that arise in the process, and propose improvement plans to promote relevant departments to solve them in a timely manner; make judgments on unqualified products, and track and confirm the improvement effect.

    4. SPC planning, implementation, monitoring of the process, and control of non-conforming products.

    5. Participate in the development of new products in the process development stage, identify the inspection risks, lead the inspection planning and implementation; set up the corresponding inspection station, inspection program, inspection tooling, inspection training.

    6. Management, training and supervision of production line inspection.


    1. More than three years of QA work experience, college degree or above.

    2. Familiar with the operation of the TS16949 system and the operation of the automotive industry, which can promote the development of the system.

    3. More than two years of manufacturing experience.

    4. Have a good quality awareness and be proficient in CAD drawing software.

    5. Have certain organizational management capabilities, coordination of communication skills, monitoring capabilities and strong sense of responsibility.

    6. Male or female, no more than 25 years old,

  • Position:Foreign sales
    Hiring: 1 people
    Published:2019 /05 /05
    Job description:
    Address: 深圳市龙华区民治街道梅龙路与民旺路交界处七星商业广场A座6层12号
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    1. More than three years working experience in foreign trade business, college degree or above, major in international trade, English, proficient in English.


    2. Strong ability to independently develop customers.


    3. Familiar with foreign trade B2B platforms such as Global Sources, Alibaba, Made in China.


    4. Optimistic and cheerful personality, tenacity, good stress resistance, execution and teamwork spirit.


    5. Experience in Hong Kong Electronics Fair and overseas exhibitions. Experience in automotive products, energy storage power supply, power bank, automotive start-up power supply industry is preferred.

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