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2019 - 05 - 17
Supply chain management:
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1. SUPA established effective supply chain management can help to achieve the four goals: shorten cash turnaround time; reduce the enterprises risks; achieve profitable growth; and provide predictable income.

2. SUPA seven Principles of supply chain management: Divide into the customer group according to the customer required service characteristics ; Design the company's logistics network according to the customer's needs and the profitability of the enterprise; Listen to market demand information and design product closer to the customer ; Time delay; strategically determine supply sources and establish a win-win cooperation strategy with suppliers; establish information systems in the entire supply chain field; establish performance evaluation criteria for the entire supply chain, etc.

3. SUPA supply chain management optimizes the operation of the supply chain, and minimizes the cost of the supply chain from the beginning of procurement to all processes to meet the end customer.

4. SUPA supply chain management coordinates the internal and external resources of the enterprise to jointly meet consumer demand. We regard the enterprises in each link of the supply chain as a virtual enterprise alliance and any enterprise as a department in this virtual enterprise alliance.

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