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2019 - 05 - 17
R & D strength :
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1. Since the establishment of the company, SUPA adhered to the direction of scientific and technological innovation and improved its own scientific research level. We built a research and development team with strong technical strength and formed a complete set of core technology research and development systems. We serve and carry out technical exchanges and cooperation together with SAIC, Chery, CAPSA, and DFL, BAIC, GWM, ZTE, MAZDA, BYD and other companies. The company invests more than 5% of its sales revenue each year in research and development. It has more than 40 patents in the professional field and door locks, actuators, automotive electronics, portable power station, sharing fields, etc. have some core technologies at an advanced level in the industry.

2. The company actively creates a good environment for innovation, makes full use of its existing brand advantages and channel resources in the field of accessories, and uses technology and popular industrial design to create high-quality products to maximum degree meet the market's needs. Excellent innovation The good innovation atmosphere has prompted R & D team to upgrade existing products at the technical level and research and develop the latest products.

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